Freazy Warr

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This zip file contains a collection of wads, each of which edits the Doom status bar to add a different pride flag. There are 12 flags to choose from, and they all use Doom's original colour palette.

Not all pride flags are here. Some flags used colours which made them impossible to represent using Doom's limited colour palette. Other flags had designs which wouldn't have worked in the space available.

The available flags include aromantic, asexual, bear, bear (no paw), genderqueer, lesbian, non-binary, pansexual, rainbow (classic), rainbow (intersex), rainbow (progress), and trans.

Only load one of these wads at a time. They should be compatible with most other wads, except ones which also edit the status bar texture. These wads should be able to run on boom-compatible source ports and anything more advanced.

I recommend using PRBoom+ with the PRBoom+ Launcher to play this wad. You will also need a copy of Doom or Doom 2 which you can buy on Steam or GOG.